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Bylaw No. 711, 2022 Council Procedure

The Village of Nakusp is introducing a new Council Procedure Bylaw on July 11, 2022 and Council will be requested to give first three readings of this bylaw.  The Public is being provided notice so that they may review the draft bylaw and make any comments as they see fit. 

What is a Procedure Bylaw?

Municipal councils are legislatively required to have an adopted procedure bylaw that establishes procedures for council or board meetings.

Procedure bylaws are one tool used to set shared expectations for process, procedure and conduct at council and board meetings. Procedure bylaws include rules for how meetings are conducted, how decisions are made and recorded, how participants (including the public) are involved in meetings, and how other meeting matters, such as meeting schedules and notice requirements are handled.

Procedure bylaws apply to meetings of council and select or standing committees of council or board.

Why is a Procedure Bylaw Important?

Procedure bylaws support the governance process so that the public, council, and local government staff understand how decisions are made and what to expect at meetings. This bylaw helps facilitate transparency and accountability to the public. 

Why does the Village need a new Procedure Bylaw?

The existing Council Procedure Bylaw No. 585 was drafted and adopted in 2004, and been amended seven time since.  The current bylaw does not follow ‘best practices’ and frequently repeats sections of provincial legislation.  This can be problematic when legislation changes, the bylaw is no longer in compliance.  As well there have been legislated changes to how local governments may provide public notice, allowance for electronic participation and attendance to meetings; the new bylaw addresses this.  Lastly, there have been changes to the agenda format to improve procedure and council debate, and an effort has been made to align council practice with the provisions of the bylaw. 

With the general election taking place on October 15, 2022, having a new and easier to understand procedure bylaw is an excellent way for the new Council to start their term.  Having a new bylaw is in place ensures that old practices will not be inadvertently carried on; this will help keep council procedures in compliance with the new bylaw.

Drafting the proposed Council Procedure Bylaw

A lot of time and consideration was put into the drafting of this bylaw.  To help determine what is required and what is considered best practices, staff reviewed other bylaws adopted by other local governments, staff reviewed section 124 of the Community Charter and the provincial document Procedure Bylaw Guide: For B.C.’s Local Governments.  As well, staff paid close attention to how Council meeting are regularly conducted, the process for developing agendas, and the calling of special meetings.  Staff identified what is working well and what procedures can be fined tuned to better facilitate smooth and orderly meetings.  It is staff’s hope that this new council procedure bylaw will improve meeting proceedings and provide better clarity and transparency about how meetings are conducted, how decisions are made, and how the public may participate.

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