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The Village of Nakusp provides water and sewer utilities within the village. Public Works also oversees the maintenance of street lighting throughout the village. Please see the pages below for more information about these services and who to call when you have a problem!

Paying your utility bill


  • Village of Nakusp
  • Administration
  • info@nakusp.com
  • T 250.265.3689
  • F 250.265.3788

Your sewer and water utility bill have been mailed to property owners in February. All water and sewer bills must be paid in full by August 31, of each year. To receive the 5% discount bills must be paid by March 31, of each year. A payment plan for the current year will only be for a five month period from April 15 to August 15, of each year. You must sign up for the payment plan each year and forms must be received by the Village Office by 4:00 p.m., on the first business day of April. Any utilities outstanding after August 31, of each year will be charged a 10% penalty. Any outstanding utilities on January 1, of each year will be transferred to property taxes and subject to daily interest.

Cost of utilities for property owners

Your sewer and water utility costs are calculated annually based on the actual cost to the Village for providing the services. The cost of these utilities is not included in your taxes. Water rates are unmetered and both water and sewer rates vary depending on the property use – for example, a single family dwelling is billed less than a retail business. Basic connection fees apply to water and sewer, and fees for temporary water shut off’s may also be applicable.

Please refer to the Bylaws and corresponding Schedules below to see the current rates for your annual service and other fees.