Seniors’ Transportation Survey

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) is looking for your help! 

Please help us make this very first Seniors’ Transportation Survey in BC as strong as possible and, if you possibly can, reach out to those who are 55+ and fall into the following categories, and urge them to complete the survey.

  • Men! (less than ¼ of the respondents at this point are men)
  • Residents of medium-sized urban centres and rural areas
  • Homeless and socially-isolated individuals
  • ‘Young’ seniors 55 to 64 years of age
  • ‘Older’ seniors, 75 and over

As we begin to process the data from the paper surveys, we will continue to keep the online survey open until a hard deadline of January 21.

The large non-profit HelpAGE is joining Seniors on the Move with its focus on BC to improve seniors’ mobility across Canada. We are very pleased to see just how closely their F.A.S.T. Track initiative aligns with our own efforts to increase seniors’ options for getting around. Note that completing a description of your organization’s seniors’ transportation-related activities – click on Community Profile – will connect you to the F.A.S.T. Track grant application.

Municipalities and community groups submit their ideas for innovative transportation solutions through F.A.S.T Track, which are then evaluated by a national network of transportation and aging experts. Winners are rewarded with a $5000 grant, national exposure, and industry recognition – fast-tracking their concept launch and promoting sustainability! Creating a Community Profile is the first step to applying for a grant through F.A.S.T Track. The process is simple:

  1. Tell them your observations, thoughts and concerns around the challenges you face in making sure older people get around and stay connected within your community, and your solutions. This is an opportunity to get creative! 
  2. Once your Community Profile is submitted, you will receive a link to complete the Award Submission Form. Please see the Awards instructions for further details.
  3. A panel of experts in aging and transportation will assess each submission for viability, innovation and capacity to positively impact seniors.
  4. Winners will be announced at the virtual National Conversation on Transportation Solutions for Seniors in Canada on April 21, 2022!

*Please note: The F.A.S.T Track and grant application deadline is January 21, 2022. 

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