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Parks & Recreation Facilities

Nakusp offers residents, visitors and outdoor enthusiasts a diverse range of recreational activities all year-round, and Village facilities are modern and carefully maintained.


Renting a facility

The Village’s parks and recreation facilities are utilized by local clubs and organizations and the village hosts tournaments, travelling groups and private functions all year long. Please contact the Village office if you would like more information on booking any of our parks and/or facilities.

Joining a sport or recreational program

Community organizations offer excellent sports and recreational programs throughout the village and surrounding areas.  The Recreation Coordinator does provide programming opportunities – be sure to check it out on Facebook under Nakusp Recreation, or email at rec_program@nakusp.com.

Maintenance concerns

We strive to provide a safe and clean environment for all our users. Unfortunately, at times, some people choose to use our facilities in a manner that leaves them in a condition that is not acceptable for the next user. Please contact the Village office if you have concerns regarding the condition of a facility, or to request maintenance for a particular area.  Thank you for helping to keep our facilities clean and operational!

Nakusp & Area Trails Master Plan

July 2017 the Village of Nakusp’s Trails Master Plan was completed with the assistance from BHA (Brent Harley and Associates, Inc.).  The Nakusp and Area Trails Master Plan is the result of a significant effort by a number of individuals and groups passionate about the area and the vast network of trails it contains.  The plan outlines the existing conditions, vision, goals and objectives and includes a series of recommendations to assist the community in reaching its goals.   Nakusp & Area Trails Master Plan

Village of Nakusp and Area Active Transportation Plan

Nakusp and Area Bike Society (NABS) in partnership with the Village of Nakusp, was awarded funding in 2022 from the Infrastructure Canada Active Transportation Fund to develop the Village of Nakusp and Area Active Transportation Plan in 2023.