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Nakusp & Area Community Forest (NACFOR)

Nakusp and Area Community Forest (NACFOR) has been conducting forestry operations in the area since 2008 through a legal tenure agreement with the Province of British Columbia. This community forest agreement gives NACFOR timber-harvesting rights to a certain annual volume of timber within a defined area.  Forest management obligations are attached to the right to harvest.

The Village of Nakusp is the owner and sole shareholder of Nakusp and Area Community Forest (2013) Inc. NACFOR is governed by an eight member Board of Directors composed of a diverse and representative cross-section of the community, including the Village of Nakusp Council and the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

NACFOR Mission Statement

To provide social, environmental and economic benefits to the local community by sustainable management of a forest land base.

 NACFOR Strategic Goals

  • Ensure the sustainability of area forests
  • Optimize revenues from harvested timber
  • Promote community stability
  • Improve forest worker and public safety
  • Promote community involvement in local forest management

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