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Glenbank Cemetery

The Glenbank Cemetery, located at 575 Alexander Road, consists of two sections, one of which accommodates the relocated remains of the Arrow Park Cemetery.


  • Village of Nakusp
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  • Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • Closed Statutory Holidays

This cemetery has many available plots and room for expansion in the future. Plot searches can be initiated by contacting the Village office to see what plots are available or to find a name on a plot.

Glenbank Cemetery opened in 1966, in response to a lack of space in the downtown cemeteries. A section of the Glenbank Cemetery was set aside to accommodate the relocated remains from the Arrow Park Cemetery, which were moved prior to the flooding of the valley for the Hugh Keenleyside Dam.

A marker in the Glenbank Cemetery, honouring the site of the relocated remains, reads:

“Arrow Park Cemetery – This Section contains the graves of former residents of Arrow Park who were buried in the cemetery there. In 1967 the Arrow Park Cemetery was closed and the graves moved to this site in preparation for the Arrow Lakes Reservoir.”