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The Village of Nakusp encourages community growth through the access, use and appreciation of arts, culture and historic sites.

Nakusp has many active non-profit arts and cultural groups dedicated to providing access to local arts and culture in our area:

The Arrow Lakes District Arts Council was formed in 1977 to promote an interchange of educational and cultural endeavors between local and outside artists, both professional and amateur, as well as a variety of other community-related efforts, for Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes region. Concert series, artist concerts, art events and artwalks are just some of the activities that the Arts Council organizes.

The Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild is an association of artists and community members of the Arrow Lakes District.

The Arrow Lakes Historical Society, which covers the Arrow Lakes as well as Trout Lake, Camborne and Ferguson, has extensive archive material and can help you do any area research.

Cinéfil Cinéma Club shows independent, Canadian and foreign films.

Mirror Theatre provides opportunities for adults and children of all ages to participate in all aspects of theatre.

The Nakusp and District Museum features the history of the Arrow Lakes, dating back to prehistoric times and the Sinixt nation occupation since the last ice-age, 10,000 years ago.

The Nakusp Public Library loans books, films (VHS and DVD), and audiobooks, ebooks, large print books, and much more to people of all ages and all for free.