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Blue Bin it and we’ll pick it up

The Village of Nakusp provides residential curbside recycling pickup of accepted products. Curbside pickup of accepted items is divided up into two (2) Zones for the community, with pick up taking place each week alternating between the zones.  The new Zone Map is attached here.  See the Curbside Pickup Schedule below for the pickup dates. 

As we transition into the new blue bins, we will continue to pick up clear bags until June 30, 2020.  As of July 1, 2020 we will NOT pick up clear bags.  

Simply put your accepted products in your blue bin(s), and place them at your curbside on collection day (see schedule below). Please ensure that the blue bins are out at the curb by 7 a.m. 

Accepted products include paper, plastic containers, aluminum containers and steel containers
Accepted products in the curbside recycling program
  • No sorting or tags needed
  • There is no limit to the number of clear or clear blue bin(s) residents can put at the curbside
  • Please ensure only accepted products are put in your blue bin(s)
  • Additional Blue bin(s) can be purchased locally at stores that sell recycling bins.
  • Plastic “Overwaitea” bags and Styrofoam will be accepted but ONLY at the Recycling Depot (located at the Nakusp Landfill) – plastic “Overwaitea” bags can also be returned to Overwaitea


2022 Curbside Recycling Pickup Schedule  
 Zone 26th20th 
FebruaryZone 110th24th 
 Zone 23th17th 
MarchZone 110th24th 
 Zone 23th 17th 31st
AprilZone 17th 21st 
 Zone 214th28th
MayZone 15th19th 
 Zone 212th26th 
JuneZone 12nd16th 30th
 Zone 29th23rd 
JulyZone 114th28th 
 Zone 27th 21st 
AugustZone 111th25th 
 Zone 24th18th 
SeptemberZone 18th22nd
 Zone 21st15th29th 
OctoberZone 16th20th 
 Zone 213th27th 
NovemberZone 13rd17th  
 Zone 210th24th 
DecemberZone 11st15th29th
 Zone 28th22nd 

The Village’s curbside recycling pickup service is part of the mandated Multi–Material BC (MMBC) program. For more information, go to RecyclingInBC.ca.