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Business Licences

The Village of Nakusp values its local businesses and extends a warm welcome to prospective and new businesses in Nakusp.

Who needs a Business Licence?

The Village of Nakusp requires resident and non-resident businesses operating within our boundaries to hold a valid and current business licence.

Prior to commencing business, a business licence must be obtained. If your business is located in the village, your business licence must be posted on the premises in a conspicuous place at all times. If you are a non-resident, you must carry a licence while conducting business within the boundaries of Nakusp.


  • Village of Nakusp
  • Administration
  • info@nakusp.com
  • T 250.265.3689
  • F 250.265.3788

How do I apply for a Business Licence, or make changes to an existing Licence?

Business Licence Application Forms can be obtained from the Village office. If you have an existing licence but you change locations, you must notify the Village.

Business Licence Application

Business Licence Fees

Business Licences are valid for each calendar year –  January 1- December 31, and must be renewed on an annual basis.