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New Zoning Bylaw 2021


Village of Nakusp Zoning Bylaw Update

The Village of Nakusp is in the process of updating its Zoning Bylaw (No 614-2008) to complement the newly adopted 2021 Official Community Plan (OCP).

Community members and residents will be engaged throughout the update process to ensure the Bylaw is inclusive and addresses the concerns of the community, delivering a final Zoning Bylaw that is user-friendly, clear, intuitively formatted, and easily interpreted.

Project Engagement

It is essential for the community to be engaged throughout the Bylaw update process to ensure all concerns are addressed, as well as to achieve a strong understanding of the key issues at hand. In addition to regular internal meetings and strategy sessions with Village staff and Council, the following engagement opportunities will be conducted as part of the Bylaw update process:

  • Online and Mail Out Survey (Completed)

A community-wide survey is available for residents to offer input on key topic areas. Paper copies of the survey have been mailed out to residents in Nakusp and an online version of the survey is available at this link:


  • Virtual Public Webinar (Completed)

A public webinar on key zoning bylaw issues was held on November 2nd, 2021 at 7 p.m. to provide residents of Nakusp with an overview of the process and to address any questions about key zoning issues.  The content and questions from the webinar were recorded. Please see the following links for the videos and documentation of the questions received during the presentation.

Village of Nakusp Zoning Bylaw Update Process

What is a Zoning Bylaw? https://urbansystems-ca.zoom.us/rec/share/rg5XJ9vPMxIzoAGXarmKD8YDEV_PeoxPqP2iZk1F9wAXjAQhmOiikQ7_NLJ9ZrEj.VfX1ZgDkdGV1uda3

Key Zoning Bylaw Topics https://urbansystems-ca.zoom.us/rec/share/GDXdpxscXzJTVeKiyQqP7PL0vYyHMzXqmSw4DtO0SpyzgujV_24p9fEeHKYqPLXM.G34Utpvxf5QhGTnR

Questions, comments, and responses received during the webinar are provided at the following link:  https://nakusp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Public-Webinar-Comments-and-Responses.pdf

  • Draft Bylaw Review (2022)

Along with staff and Council, the community will have the opportunity to review and provide input on the draft Bylaw and a cheat sheet of all the changes with be highlighted and provided to the community for comment and input.

Additional information to be posted in the new year!

  • First and Second Reading (2022)

The proposed Bylaw will be presented to Council for first and second reading.

Additional information to be posted in the new year!

  • Public Hearing (2022)

As the final step in the Zoning Bylaw update process, a public hearing will be held where the proposed Zoning Bylaw will be presented to Council and the public.

Information to be posted in the new year!

Our Process

Phase One – Orientation and Analysis (Completed)

The project will commence with the review of existing documents such as the Official Community Plan, Downtown Revitalization Plan, and Strategic Plan to inform the new Zoning Bylaw. Regular meetings with Village staff and Council will be held to understand key issues, provide clarification, and advise Bylaw direction.

A community wide online survey will run from November 1 – November 22 to provide an opportunity for residents to offer input on key Zoning Bylaw topic areas. A public webinar with a question-and-answer period will be held on November 2, at 7:00 p.m. to provide residents with an overview of the process and to address any questions about key zoning issues.

Phase Two – Draft Bylaw (2022)

In this phase, a draft Bylaw informed by the input received from the public webinar, survey, and discussions with staff and Council will be developed. The draft Bylaw and changes will be presented to the community, Council, and staff for comment and input.

Phase Three – Bylaw Adoption (2022)

The final phase will begin with a revision of the Bylaw, according to direction received from the community, Council, and staff in Phase Two. A legal review will be conducted, followed by final revisions in preparation for adoption by Council. Once necessary revisions are completed, the Bylaw will be presented to Council during a virtual meeting at which time they will be asked to give the Bylaw first and second reading. The final step of the project is a virtual public hearing where the proposed Zoning Bylaw will be presented to Council and the public.


What is a Zoning Bylaw?

A Zoning Bylaw regulates the use of land within Village limits. It is a set of rules that determine how land can and can’t be used and what can and can’t be built. It is made of up two basic parts: maps and regulations. Maps divide our community into different zones, whereas regulations identify what uses are permitted in each zone, and what rules buildings must meet, such as height, setbacks, and density.

Zoning Bylaws assign zones to all land within a municipality and specifies what activities are permitted within each zone, such as:

  • Land Use: What can my land be used for? What types of buildings and structures are permitted? Does my zone allow for a secondary suite?
  • Density: How many units or uses can fit on my property?
  • Siting: Where can my building or structure sit on my land?
  • Dimensions: How big can my building be? How tall can I build my fence?
  • Shape: What size can my lot be if I subdivide?
  • Other: How many parking spaces do I need to provide for my bed and breakfast? What type of signage can I use to advertise my business?

Why do we need a Zoning Bylaw?

A zoning bylaw implements Official Community Plan policies and provides a legal framework to manage land use and future development in the community.

Where can I find the current Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map?

The Village’s current Zoning Bylaw can be found here.

The Village’s current Zoning Map can be found here.

Why does the current Zoning Bylaw need to be updated?

The Village’s current Bylaw was adopted in 2008 and has since been amended many times. Since the adoption of the current Zoning Bylaw, the Village has also adopted a Downtown Revitalization Plan in 2017 and a new Official Community Plan in 2021. Significant community engagement was conducted as a part of the Official Community Plan process to develop a document that reflects Nakusp’s values, while also providing a vision for the Village’s future planning and land use management. Updating the Zoning Bylaw is an integral step in implementing the vision of the Official Community Plan.

The update will ensure that the new Bylaw is consistent with the newly adopted 2021 Official Community Plan, create a more certain process and outcome for landowners and developers and supports sustainable land use policy. As the Village undergoes growth and change over time, the Zoning Bylaw must adapt to these changes as the community evolves.

How will I be affected by the Zoning Bylaw?

Updating the Zoning Bylaw can impact what property owners are permitted to do on their land. Changes to the Zoning Bylaw will only affect new construction, renovations, and any additions or changes of uses on land. The Zoning Bylaw can change and update fence heights, setbacks from property lines, the number of required parking spaces, and where industrial uses are located, among other issues. This is an important Bylaw to all community members in the municipality and the Village is committed to informing the community about the changes that are being posted. This Zoning Bylaw update will reflect the public and stakeholder input to the greatest extent possible, while also ensuring alignment with the Official Community Plan.

What is evaluated when updating Zoning Bylaws?

When updating a zoning bylaw, the following are considered:

  • Consistency with objectives and policies in the Official Community Plan
  • Relevant municipal bylaws and policies
  • Key local issues or challenges such as short-term rentals, affordable and attainable housing
  • Input from the community, Village staff, and Mayor and Council

Are the changes in the Zoning Bylaw final?

No, zoning bylaws can be amended as the Village undergoes growth and change.

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