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Local government elections are held every four years for all municipalities in British Columbia, October 2022 the Village of Nakusp will be hosting its Municipal Election.

Thinking of running: Potential Candidate

Serving your community can be a rewarding experience. There are many good reasons to run for office—you might run to be actively involved in the local decision-making process, contribute your experience and knowledge to the community, address issues or lead change in your community.

Elected officials are entrusted with making decisions that directly affect the daily lives of residents, families, local business owners and many others in the local community. If you’re thinking of running for local office part of the decision-making process may include considering the role you will play, how best you can serve your community and the impact you will have as an elected official.   

These videos give potential candidates information to help them with answers to questions that they may have before making the decision to run for local office.

Before making the decision to run for local office, it’s important to think about how you can best serve your community if you are elected.


Characteristics of Effective Locally Elected Officials

What is Local Government?

Testing your Readiness for Local Office

Local Government Decision Making

Roles and Responsibilities of a Locally Elected Official

Election Process

Once you’ve decided to run as a candidate for local office, you’ll want to understand the rules for becoming a candidate and seeking election. Candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements to be nominated. In addition, provincial legislation sets out how candidates may run and finance their election campaigns and advertise their candidacy.

Learn More about:

Running for Local Office

The general local election process

Voting Process

Electors (voters) include resident electors and non-resident property electors. Resident electors are those people that may be eligible to vote in the local election based on where they reside. Non-resident property electors are those people that reside in one jurisdiction and own property in a different jurisdiction where they can also vote.

Guidance and Resources

Contact – Chief Elections Officer Anna-Marie Hogg amhogg@nakusp.com